No sound is better than the sound of Azan.

No sound is better than the sound of Azan.
When you hear the Adhan, repeat what the Mu’adhin says. – Hadits
Only satan run away from the call of adhan. It is up to us to follow satan or adhan.

The most beautiful word is ALLAH. Most beautiful song is AZAN. Best exercise is ALLAH. World perfect book is QURAN. And You are so lucky if you are a MUSLIM
Two will not be rejected, Supplication when the Adhan is being called, and at the timeof the rain. – Hadits
Sadness is hearing the Azan and not going to pray.
A supplication made between the Adhan and Iqamah is never rejected. –
When someone is born, the Adhan is given, but there is no prayer. When someone dies, there is a prayer with no Adhan. The Adhan of our birth belongs to the prayer of our death. SubhanAllah.
When the prayer is called, the doors of the skies are opened, and the du’a is answered. – Hadits
Whoever repeats after the Mu’adhin from his heart will enter Jannah. – Hadits
And when you call to prayer, they take it in ridicule and amusement. That is because they are a people without understanding. – (Q.S Al-Maidah: 58)
Problems are like the adhan, they invite people to Allah.
Some people ignored you, and you felt hurt. What about Azaan? The call from Allah you ignore everyday.
People now are silent for the national anthem, but they speak while the adzan is going on.
People want to success in their life, but when they hear the Adhan, “Hayya ‘ala aI-falah” (come tosuccess), they ignore it.
With the call of adhan, every living thing on earth attests to the triumph of Islam.
We would be successful if we respond to the call for prayer (Adhan) as fast as we respond to messages on our phone.
If people came to know the blessing of calling Adhan and the standing in the first row, they could do nothing but would draw lots to secure these privileges. – Hadits
Do you get annoyed when someone ignores your call? Imagine when you ignore Allah call for prayer.
One way to test your heart on whether it’s dead or alive, is its response to the call of Allah and how quick you respond.
Strange, how sensitive our ears are to the beep of our phones, yet deaf to the call of Salah.


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